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paperchain_gbckAt Continuity, we provide just that: the continuity of IT know-how and development needed to help businesses operate and grow as effectively as possible. We could describe ourselves as “providers of skilled, professional, independent and impartial IT consultancy”, but that seems too sweeping a statement. We hope our website will explain enough to let you understand why we’re different and maybe you’ll get in touch to see where we can be of help to you and your organisation.

We make your IT work for you

You might not even know it yet but in our experience, making the best use of IT can help you deliver your organisation’s competitive advantages.

If you seek strategic advice on the use of technology to modernise and streamline the way you work from experience, we believe you will soon see the results on your bottom line.

As you can read on our Clients Page, we don’t do IT for IT’s sake. After working with Continuity, businesses often benefit from an increase in productivity through implementing our recommendations to improve or upgrade their existing IT infrastructure. We might also be asked to specify and implement the beginnings of an IT system where none existed before. Or we might be asked to review the way an organisation works to see if there is anything that can be improved by better use of technology.

Our experience in business development through the use of IT spans across many industry sectors, providing our clients with many commercial benefits, whilst saving time and money.

Our approach – we are all ears

Our approach involves lots of listening: we need to gain a clear insight into your business operations – its objectives, issues, culture and people.

Then we assess the technical practicalities of your business plans (whether they are presented in a document or verbally explained) to provide an analysis of the associated business risks.

Using our extensive experience in e-business management, we can then recommend and develop the services to suit your particular business and, very importantly, your budget.

Because we are completely independent of any hardware or software vendor, we enable you to make the right business development decisions, to suit your needs, with confidence.

Our Clients’ comments

Here are a few comments received as a result of our work with satisfied customers:

Continuity is excellent at keeping each project on track, addressing issues that arise and ensuring good communication channels between itself and our organisation.

Continuity’s broad experience of ICT platforms and business processes underpins the design, flexibility, development and delivery of our services and provides a solid base for any eventuality.

Continuity was able to provide us with a comprehensive report which boosted our confidence in our IT employees’ expertise.”

Continuity has provided us with the necessary tools to improve skills and enhance performance.”

Click on our Clients page for more examples and see our Services page to see which key areas of help we can provide you with.

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